From the recording The Paint Splats

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Give it up make it up as you go now
Wanna beat your drum every time I hear that sound
Of the thunder rising up, up above the heaven's singing
Like a Stones symphony but you get what you want
Oh, what you want

It's about time that it happened
It's about time you felt something strong
Maybe a little empathy is all you really need
But you ain't gonna get get from me

Push it down, pop the tab, drink that soda
Let it flow down your throat, like an atom bomb
So sweet and pure now
Avocado, vibrator, battery-powered
Sycophant on a rant
Let 'em slip away to second base

Is he still there at your door?
Don't call the cops - just let 'em wiz on your floor
Maybe a little bearded freak is all your really need
But you ain't gonna get that from me

Oh, you're so
Oh, you're so
You're so overpriced

It's coming to an end, think I gotta get going
So, slap me on the ass and kick me out that door

Oh, yeah, alright!