1. Beach Needles

From the recording The Paint Splats

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Been away for too long again
Now somebody else is sleeping in my bed
Stuck in Fresno, my friend
And I don’t know where the hell that even is

Smoke those mint cough drops to soothe your throat and brain
Drink from the red Kool-Aid to find out where you’ve been
And tell me where it is I’m going next
I hate secrets, don’t you confess
If it rains on your worst day

Took a train to see the New York City lights
Everything’s dimmer when you’re stabbed by the night
Read a book when I was bored by the bay
Misty winds made the words melt away

Washed up on the shore like the dirty needle you were
Cement clogging up your veins, it’s a living wage they say
Tell me where it is you’re going next
You were so sweet I must confess
Hope it doesn’t rain on your worst day

Treated you like dirt swirling down the drain
Now you’ll settle for anything coming your way
That chunk of wall resembles a fist
Patch it up with that blood on your wrist

You’re functioning broken down, now you cannot hear a sound
Your mouth can’t whisper words when it’s screaming to
Tell me if you can please do your best
Do not treat this as just a test
If it rains on your worst day